Claudette Smith


I wholeheartedly believe that elected officials work FOR the people, not the other way around and I really want to bring that type of selfless service back to the citizens of Amarillo.

As small business owner and an active member of many organizations, I have dedicated years to serving Amarillo and to causes that benefit our residents. My work with countless local charities and organizations demonstrates my commitment to our residents and to improving their quality of life. I am a proven and prudent leader. Importantly, I know how to bring people together and bridge divisions.

I initially became interested in local politics when I began attending council meetings to address issues which personally affected me.

From the side of the people I witnessed skyrocketing taxes, cronyism, wasteful spending, nepotism, pay to play, backroom deals conducted and corruption in our city government. I witnessed the Texas Open Meetings Act violated weekly, our current Mayor arrest a homeless advocate for clapping at a council meeting and much more.

Ever since, I have been fighting for transparency, accountability and fiscal responsibility in our local government. I am a civic leader who is of the highest character and integrity and have proven to the citizens of Amarillo that I am extremely knowledgeable and professional in all my undertakings.

I have proven that I am always willing to ask the tough questions and to hold the city accountable for every dollar spent. I have now sat on the side lines for far too long and am ready to step in and correct the issues.


Claudette is 34 years old and a lifelong resident of Amarillo. She was born in Dallas Texas, but moved to Amarillo at age 5. She graduated from Randall High and went on to attend Amarillo College and West Texas A&M University where she studied Business Management, Marketing & Advertising, Business Administration and Political Science.

Claudette is a mother to two wonderful children. Claudette is a small business owner and passionate activist in our community. Prior to owning her business, she worked in the legal field for several years and practiced as a licensed insurance agent in 48 states.

Claudette is a member of the Republican Party of Texas, Texas Republican Leadership Initiative and Amarillo Area Young Republicans.

Claudette has an extensive history of volunteerism with many organizations throughout the panhandle, such as the Guyon Saunders Resource Center, Salvation Army, Downtown Women’s Center, United Way, Code Blue Warming Station, Habitat for Humanity, Eveline Rivers, American Council of the Blind, Amarillo Barrio Community Development, High Plains Food Bank, Meals on Wheels, Amarillo-Panhandle Humane Society and many more.

“I am a STRONG fiscal conservative who won’t raise taxes on Amarillo residents!”